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Tuesday 23 December 2014

Monday 22 December 2014

Variety of cleaning products and solutions wows visitors of 'Clean India Show'

The 11th edition of 'Clean India Show' concluded recently at Gujarat University Convention and Exhibition Center. It attracted visitors from a variety of industries through the 3 days (27-29 November).

Nearly 100 exhibitors from across the globe displayed over 300 brands of cleaning equipment, chemicals, waste management solutions, washroom solutions, food hygiene solutions and pest management solutions at the comprehensive exhibition of cleaning products and solutions organized by Virtual Info Systems Pvt Ltd.

Source: The Times of India (30th Nov, 2014) 

Green is the way Indian Real Estate Sector is headed

Corporate India is going "green" with its new campuses and buildings across the country. And this is primarily because it wants to cut down on power & water consumption, to reduce its operational and overhead costs.

According to green building certification agency, Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), out of the 25 billion sq. ft. of built up area in India, green spaces have crossed the 2 billion sq. ft. mark. Now the green brigade is looking to reach 10 billion sq. ft. by 2022.

But what makes a green building "Green"? Find out what Priyanka Kochhar, Senior Programme Associate at The Energy Research Institute (TERI), has to say about it in our GroupL August Newsletter.

Friday 5 December 2014

Latest news in facility, security and cleaning management in India

Is Hotel Security better after 26/11?
In a country like India, marked by an extreme poor police citizen ratio, the need of the hour is a security model for the hotel Industry. In such attacks of extremism, security guards are the first line of defense available. Had the guards of Taj been trained and armed to face the situation, probably the story would have been less tragic. Hence, there is a need for concrete legislation regarding private security personnel’s powers that could clearly define the activities and powers that can be exercised by them in case of exigency. There is a need for the Government to recognize specialized security academies for providing advanced training to private guards, technical as well as soft skills. The facilitation would be important owing to the fact that most of the people employed in the industry are not in a position to pay for their own trainings. On the other hand the security training needs to be made mandatory owing to the increased threat perceptions and in line with technological advancements the terrorists have achieved.

Source: New Delhi Times

Dramatic bank heist brings PMO to Sonipat
A day after robbers cleaned out 89 lockers in a Haryana bank by walking in and out of a tunnel 125-ft long, 7-ft high and 2.5 ft. wide, the Prime Minister’s Office dispatched one of its top officers to the break-in site in Sonipat district. The tunnel had been dug from an abandoned building next to the bank branch. The robbers broke open 89 lockers, possibly with gas-cutters, and decamped with the valuables inside. Punjab National Bank branch manager S L Khurana said: “The police are doing the investigation. We cannot divulge details about the lockers or how did it happen. We hope the accused will be nabbed soon.”

Source: The Indian Express

HC takes the hard line on lack of security in schools
The High Court on Thursday came down heavily on private schools and the state government for not taking steps to implement safety guidelines issued by the police. Justice A N Venugopala Gowda, while hearing a petition filed by private schools challenging the circular issued by the City Police Commissioner following the Vibgyor rape case, directed the schools to adopt security measures on school premises. The petitioners had complained that guidelines were issued only to private schools, not government schools. The court then directed the state to provide security in government-run schools as well. Counsel representing the state said issuance of ID cards is done and CCTV cameras will be installed in all schools shortly, at a cost of Rs. 13 crore.

Source: The New Indian Express

Why clean toilets matter?
Public toilets make up a fraction of the square footage in most commercial facilities, but the results of a new study has revealed that their appearances make these rooms powerhouses of influence that can affect businesses’ customers, employees and other stakeholders. Research shows that the design and maintenance of a facility’s toilets are a direct reflection of the facility and its management.

Source: www.constructionweekonline.com

Power hungry businesses build their own solar plant
Fed up with constant electricity cuts and government-enforced "power holidays", Indian IT firm ValueLabs has turned to the sun beaming down on its head office for help. In July, it finished building a 13 megawatt solar plant — enough to power 6,000 homes — to keep the lights on and computers humming for more than 3,000 employees at its base in Hyderabad.

Source: Times of India

Security Headlines: Is hotel security better after 26/11?

Monday 10 November 2014

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Tuesday 4 November 2014

Home Security Tips

Considering the amount of time we spend in our homes, there is no doubt to why we worry about the safety and security of our homes. Here are some simple security precautions to keep in mind to prevent burglars from entering your home. 
  • Lock up your home, even if you go out only for a short time. Many burglars just walk in through an unlocked door or window.
  • Deadbolt locks are always better than spring-latch locks. To help burglar-proof your home, install 1-inch throw deadbolt locks on all exterior doors.
  • Ensure minimal space between door and frame. This will make it difficult for the burglar to try and break open the door. Also, ensure your main door hinges are on the inside.
  • Change all the locks and tumblers when you move into a new house or lose your keys.
  • Consider investing in a fire-proof and water-proof safe if you have a higher end need for safety and valuable assets to protect.
  • Your house should appear occupied at all times. Use timers to switch lights and radios on and off when you're not at home.
  • Consider installing grills on your windows, especially if you live on the ground or first floor. Or if you have a tree directly outside one of your windows.
  • It is better to keep your curtains drawn if you live on the ground or first floor of a road facing house. That way burglars can’t look in to see if there is anything worthwhile for them to rob.