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Monday 19 January 2015

Energy Controlling Makes Real Estate Greener

Credit Suisse Real Estate Asset Management, one of Europe’s largest private builders and building owners, joined forces with real estate management company Wincasa and Siemens to launch an energy controlling program. This project involves examining and optimizing the energy efficiency of approximately one thousand properties within the bank’s real estate portfolio in order to systematically reduce their total energy consumption and CO2 emissions without any additional construction work. This five-year program is expected to cut the CO2 emissions of all buildings by at least 10% annually, equivalent to approximately 13,000 metric tonnes.

View the case study on how Energy controlling makes real estate greener.

Source: BuildotechIndia

Friday 9 January 2015

New Technology is The Name of the Facility Game

New technology serves as boon for facility managers. With health care facility managers expected to do their jobs better, faster, with fewer staff and keep costs down, too, technology takes on an even bigger part of keeping hospitals running efficiently and according to code.

Fortunately, there is an abundance of tools to meet the challenges, making these the good old days. Everything from software that measures energy consumption to smartphones and tablets that help facility managers to track equipment remotely is becoming part of the daily routines of managers' seeking maximum efficiency.

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Source: Health Facilities Management

Thursday 8 January 2015

Facility Management Headlines:ValuePro buys Indoor plants firm Gardenia Ornamental

ValuePro International Pvt Ltd, a Bangalore-based company that offers facility management, employee transportation and supply chain solutions, has acquired city-based indoor plants firm Gardenia Ornamental for an undisclosed amount. This acquisition enables ValuePro to provide indoor plants solutions to its existing as well as new clients. Post-acquisition, ValuePro will integrate Gardenia with its business & Gardenia and its team will be part of ValuePro.

Tuesday 6 January 2015

Safety Measures for High Rise Façade Cleaning

There are stringent measures that should be followed to secure the safety of window cleaners of high-rise buildings. Safety at heights is the basic requirement for the kind of work carried out in the construction industry. Since a lot of buildings have begun adopting exterior façades, there are a few companies in India who have started Façade Cleaning. Experts say that the use of a suspended cradle is the safest option for window cleaning of high-rise buildings.

To view what are the basic safety measures that one must adopt while cleaning high rise façades, visit this post from Buildotech.

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Tips for Success in Facility Management

Facilities Management is a demanding profession which requires a diverse set of skills in order to be successful. Facility managers are always under pressure to reduce operating costs. The consistent professional, interpersonal and even emotional demands that FMs face on a daily basis seem to fly from all directions. A quality FM learns to manage and compartmentalize all of these demands, while continuing to strive for customer service excellence.

But, how exactly, does one stand out as a leader in this rapidly expanding industry? Here are few skills every facilities manager needs to succeed. Click here to read the full article.

Source: iofficecorp.com

Monday 5 January 2015

Amalgamating Traditional Values with Technology

Hospitality services sector has traditionally been more of a person to person connection. Perhaps it is the only sector which keeps the traditional values alive along with the turn-down services with the very reasonable facts that they can be used to enhance service and communication with guests.

Know why Shilpa Kosambia, Executive Housekeeper, Sofitel BKC, Mumbai, feels Housekeeping must be looked at as an investment and not as expense. Read the entire interview here.

Source: CleanIndiaJournal

CSR in Housekeeping

Lemon Tree Hotels has been hiring PWDs (Persons With Disability - 100% speech and hearing impaired people – mostly from BPL communities) since 2007. Currently, over 10% of group employees are from this segment of the population. The group plans to increase this number to more than 10% of total employees by end 2014-15. Lemon Tree has also developed a standard process to induct people with disabilities into all its hotels pan India, including remote places like Muhamma in Kerala.

Watch how Housekeeping has tremendous potential to become a CSR initiative, in this article from CleanIndiaJournal.

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