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Friday 26 December 2014

Selecting the Right FM Service Provider

Selecting the right facilities management (FM) service provider is not as simple as awarding the business to the lowest bidder. To determine which provider best meets the needs of the organization, it must not only follow a structured process but also create a cross-functional team, consisting of individuals from procurement, finance and real estate and facilities management (REFM). Each critical team member must possess expertise and knowledge of the areas they will be evaluating, including the plans, requirements, needs and constraints of the groups they will be representing. In addition to the project team, a governance team with a clear charter should be established to oversee the entire selection process.

A CleanIndiaJournal article showcases the listing of the team member groups that should be represented, as well as an outline of the role each team member should play in the selection process, including those activities leading up to the selection.

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