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Monday 18 September 2017

Group Newsletter, October 2017

Group Newsletter, October 2017

With the festive season drawing close, we would like to remind you'll of some useful safety tips to keep in mind while celebrating. Read this and more in our October newsletter.

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Friday 30 June 2017

Fire Safety and Evacuation Training

At GroupL we are proud to provide our clients a better quality of service, better because our staff are trained to fulfill their responsibilities. We have recently completed fire safety and evacuation training for all our guards deputed at our client, Tata Motors Finance’s branches, which we manage in East India. It is a one day training programme, which takes place every six months. Training was also provided to our client’s employees at the same branches. The topics covered include – fire -fighting, emergency evacuation and assembly points. 

Wednesday 15 October 2014

Security Headlines

Security Headlines: Stricter norms for ATM cash handling companies likely 

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Tuesday 15 July 2014

Security Headlines: Woman injured in bank guards celebratory fire

Thursday 3 July 2014

Successful completion of pilot project of training security guards for placement in UAE

Mr. Kabir Luthra receiving a plaque from Professor Peter Darcy of National Security Institute and Mr. Steve Delia of Knightsbridge Security Management on the successful completion of the pilot project to train security guards in India prior to their deployment in Abu Dhabi.

Tuesday 24 June 2014

Successful deployment of first batch of trained guards in UAE.

Our Director, Mr. Kabir Luthra and Head Trainer, Mr.  E.P. Gopalakrishnan with some the guards who have successfully passed the test post training.

Training of security guards for overseas requirement started at our training centre in Cochin, in February, 2014. Security guards are trained as per curriculum designed and backed by the National Security Institute (NSI) in UAE. Guards have to appear for a test upon completion of training. Passing the test will make them eligible to apply for employment in the UAE. 

GroupL has the first 49  guards trained by them pass the extremely tough PSBD guard license exam and are successfully deployed in Abu Dhabi.

Security Headlines: Malaysian police foil terror plot in India

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Malaysian police foil terror attack in India

Malaysian police have foiled a plot to attack foreign missions in two Indian cities and arrested a South Asian terror suspect, a senior security official said Thursday. The arrest comes just days after police launched an investigation into whether Al-Qaeda-linked Somali rebels were seeking to set up a base in the Southeast Asian country after a suspected insurgent was arrested. Police deputy inspector general Bakri Zinin said the South Asian man was arrested on May 14 by the anti-terrorism unit just outside the capital Kuala Lumpur. Police had kept the suspect under surveillance since December last year, he said. "It (police monitoring) revealed that the suspect was involved in a plan to attack foreign consulates in Chennai and Bangalore, India," he said. Bakri said Indian security forces were informed of the impending terror attack and they succeeded in arresting three suspects in India on April 29.
Source 15/05/14 Zee News Compiled by: www.groupl.in


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Wednesday 18 June 2014

Security Training

Realising the need for world class training of security guards to combat the increasing threat of terror, GroupL has set up modern, well equipped security training institutes in Cochin, New Delhi and Kolkata.

As per the regulations of the PSAR Act (2005), GroupL provides 240 hours comprehensive security training to its students (security guards). Based on the evaluation system, every qualifying student gets a certificate, which is testimonial of his / her performance, professional standards and knowledge to work as a competent security guard. The course content comprises of the following topics, in detail:

  • Physical training, drill and deportment
  • Professional knowledge
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Protecting people and property
  • Emergency situations and responses (including handling situations like fire, bank robbery, building evacuation etc.)

The guards undergo eight hour training sessions, for thirty days. These sessions are conducted by professionally qualified, experienced and certified trainers.

In addition to providing training to security guards, GroupL has been approved by the Security Knowledge and Skills Development Council (SKSDC) to train security trainers for the entire industry. This itself certifies our ability to train better than or at least as well as anyone else.